Oils and different types of toners and hydrosols are my essential skincare for summer. I almost don’t use any creams or emulsion except sunscreens. Oils+hydrosol (and sometime vitamin C serum) is perfect combination for my skin which works very efficient and gives my skin all it needs. I found this formula 2 or 3 years ago and since then it became my summer basic.

During these years I tried bunch of different oils but got really impressed by few of them. They all combine strong antioxidant, anti-aging, regenerating properties with light and fast absorbing texture and most pleasant scent with prominent aromatherapeutic effect. And to these few I return constantly.



1.Laurel Sun Damage Repair (detailed post here)


I use second bottle now and enjoy it a lot. This serum is good for morning and evening use but I like to apply it in evening to help my skin repair sun damages it got during the day (I try to cover all sun-exposed areas: face, neck, decollete, even hands). It is real “skin fixer” enhancing our epidermis regeneration function and preventing any kind of pigmentation. This blend contains most powerful, rich in antioxidants oils such as rosehip, raspberry, cranberry, sea buckthorn, tamanu with healing and regenerating extracts of calendula, chamomile, licorice, gotu cola, bilberry, comfrey and many others. The smell is absolutely divine. It is pure aromatherapy action too! So far this serum is my must-have, and I’ll keep it on my shelf for long time!

2. Fushi Wellbeing Moringa oil (detailed post here)


Miraculous oil of African Moringa tree is a natural skin healer with great moisturizing, protecting and nourishing properties. Moringa oil is very strong anti-aging component preventing wrinkle and fine line formation.  Its impressive antioxidant and lipid content allows the oil be very defensive against free radicals and UV-rays, enhance sunscreen action and even produce healthy tanning. The texture is light, fast absorbing. This oils is very easy to incorporate into another day skincare or even mix 2-3 drops with sunscreen itself.

3. Trilogy Rosehip oil Antioxidant + (Russian post here)

Not just regular Rosehip oil but enriched version Rosehip oil for morning and/or night use (usualy rosehip oil  is recommended for night use only).


This blend is rich of most protective antioxidant components such as tomato seed oil, cranberry and acai oils, and pure lycopene. Combination of these antioxidant qualities with well know anti-aging features of rosehip oil itself  makes this formula very efficient as a skin treatment and gives skin healthy and glowing look. It’s all true! I used this oil as a part of my morning routine (it has light and fast absorbing texture) and enjoyed my truly glowing and even-toned complexion. I also paid attention that during this time I didn’t get any freckles which are my old summer-time “sun gift”.

4. Mel Millis Rose & Pomegranate Rebalancing face oil


This one is a multi-functional day skin treatment promoting and optimizing the regeneration of the skins epidermis, restore the skins lipid layer, improve and purify the skin, reduce redness and calm irritations, improve skin texture, sooth and balance. The oils is especially good in nourishing mature, dry, irritated and sensitive skin while calming,soothing and balancing. I use as a part of my morning blend with vitamin C-based serum. Its texture is quite sticky but after few minutes everything absorbs well leaving skin silky smooth and dewy. The smell is very lovely, very vitalizing  with notes of rose, orange and geranium.

5. Evanhealy Blue Cactus elixir (detailed post here)


This one is great in making skin calmer and soother. It helps to repair red spots and irritation, cool down during hot days and just relax. The Elixir is pretty light, absorbs fast and smell very pleasant and slightly meditative (at least for me).

Recently, with my Feelunique haul (post here) I received one more interesting by ingredients and promises oil Inika Enriched Rosehip oil.


It reminds me Trilogy Rosehip oil Antioxidant + but instead of more familiar additions this one contains 4 very unique Australian-origin ingredients: Kakadu plum oil, Crown of Gold Seed Oil*, Lilli Pilli(?) Seed Oil*, Quandong(?) Seed Oil*. Sounds intriguing! I’m going to try it soon and share with you, my dear readers, my first impressions.

Wishing you a great face oil!

With love,


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